Friday, May 1, 2015

Todd Starnes: Opportunist, Liar, Fear Monger

In response to “Todd Starnes: Christians Are The Face Of The Modern Civil Rights Movement” on JoeMyGod 5/1/15

Selma should have reminded you how many of your fellow travelers have insulted, threatened, assaulted, maimed, and killed countless numbers of my tribe. The asshole conservative whites were assaulting the African Americans then and the AAs won. Now you feel you must declare war on us...apparently because you need to feel superior to someone. Discovering that the US actually means it when its hallowed documents say things like "ALL men," "We the people," "liberty and justice for ALL, rather than "some" or "a lot of" is scary. But it's the ideal and there a lot people who want to see that "ALL" mean "all law abiding citizens."
I watched We Were Here last night and have been stewing ever since. First, the xn response was that AIDS was god's punishment for homosexuals. The xn response was hate, fear, and utter, unabashed ugliness. Who responded with love, caring, compassion? We did...gays and lesbians. Thank god for the lesbians. Who sought and demanded cures? Not the government, not Big Pharma, not the xns, who discovered that AIDS as god's punishment was an incredibly successful money maker. And even now, in the clip at the top, you mention "my new book."
When did we say we were martyrs? Despite the death, the pain, the illness, the sickness, the loss of so many friends and lovers, I don't know that "martyr" ever became part of the lexicon. We were, even more than usual, discriminated against by The Truly Religious. We were the ones dropping dead and being laughed at. In the parable of the Good Samaritan, we were the Samaritan...The Truly Religious were the ones walking around on the other side of the road.
And you say you are being discriminated against, you are the martyrs. Not even close. I will concede one thing: Hate is a horrible thing to be afflicted with. However, you hate by choice, so that's not really martyrdom, is it? You have been shits for decades. You have abnegated your deity's commands for decades, centuries, and yet you are the martyrs, you are being wronged.

I think not.

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