Wednesday, December 2, 2015

14 Killed. Shot. Murdered.

Today, December 20, 2015 at least 14 people were killed at a place that helps handicapped people.  Last Friday was the day 3 people were killed at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic by a US terrorist who is a self-proclaimed xn.  Several other people wounded in both shoot-ups.

Today I wrote this on our local paper's website:
What bothers me most about this is that I'm no longer shocked by mass murders.  I wish I were, and maybe if it involved someone I know or a family member I would be.  This?  Just another day in the US of A.  Nothing will be done, as usual, and before a couple of days are over, we'll hear about another shooting, mass murder, and the freedom the 2nd Amendment grants. 
I really do wish I weren't so numb to what I should see as a horror beyond words.  We're under siege by the American terrorists, and the people who can do something about it won't.  The best government money can buy.
There's a huge sadness on my part that I feel like this.  It would be such a relief to see the flag and feel a sense of pride that I live in that country or to hear the national anthem and not be embarrassed by it.  
After the American xn terrorist struck in Colorado Springs, I wondered what was the difference between the US and Canada in the days of settling the west.  Someone suggested that the Canadians had the Mounties policing the territories, upholding the law and tracking down criminals.  We had an Army that was busier killing Native Americans and buffalo, so gun justice took over.  It's an explanation I readily accept.  
This country has glorified the old west to the extent that guns, rifles, fire arms of any kind settle any argument and justify any prejudice.  We have a gun culture allegedly protected in the Bill of Rights.  Of course, those who praise the Second Amendment tend to ignore the First Amendment.  Every self-respecting thug has a gun of one sort or another; our terrorists have much bigger fire power.  The thugs tend to kill their fellow but rival thugs; our terrorists prefer to kill those they disagree with, usually because their god told them to, or, as in the case of the Colorado Springs nut job, they believe their god has forgiven them, that they are doing that god's work, and their god has forgiven them forever.  God's forgiveness is their "Get out of jail free" card.
Some people are still upset that LGBTQ people are their equal.  Unfortunately, they also the people with fire arms and who feel justified to use them.  Earlier this fall, there was a white xn terrorist who charmed his way into an African American church and, at the bend of the bible study, killed 9 people.  How can I be proud to live in a country in which this happens almost weekly and those who can make rules are beholden to the gun lobby.  
This country is not a Christian, christian, nor xn nation.  But there's a segment that thinks this is a country that must follow their god, which becomes interesting when one compares the "purity" of the various sects.  There's a segment that feels they are superior to other races.  They also seem to be the xns who thinks this needs to be a godly nation.  They also still feel not only superior to LGBTQ people but also that they have their god's blessing to kill says so in their bible, but guns are more handy than stones/rocks. Plus there's a segment of the non-white population that also feels safe and religiously justified in hating us.
This is what passes as a xn country.  It's not supposed to be, but the people who prefer to reinterpret the First Amendment to say their religion rules are also those who contend the Second Amendment lets everyone carry a gun and buy as many as they want.  They want to carry their guns in the open and go anywhere, including bars.  What could possibly go wrong with drunks "packing heat" at the watering hole?
Friday, 3 killed because the murderer didn't like Planned Parenthood, believing the lies he was told about the health organization.  Today, 14 killed by perhaps 3 murderers, and no reason given yet.  All of the republican presidential candidates said we should pray for the dead and wounded; none of them suggest something needs to be done to our gun laws.
I'm so fucking disgusted.  In the next few days, more people will be killed and no one who can do anything will.  And it doesn't matter to me.  It would be a good thing if guns were controlled better than they are now.  A segment of society is certain the President Obama, among other paranoid beliefs, is determined to take away all their guns.  He's not, but I don't see how that would be a bad thing.  "When guns are criminalized," reads one bumper sticker, "only criminals will have guns."
A large part of the population is paranoid, fearful of their countrymen, in need of feeling superior to someone, and that their version of xnty is the only version that passes whatever tests their preachers think should be the real, true religion.
There is so much hatred and unwillingness to cooperate (or, in the case of legislators, compromise) in this country.  How can I be proud to be a citizen of this country?  And how can I can be shocked and horrified when death by bullets has become commonplace?