Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dream Center

It's raining relentlessly.  I'm driving on very slick highways.  Some idiot crosses my lane when he can clearly see that I'm approaching and there's little time to react.  He expects me to deal with it; I do.  I'm on my way to a performance of a Stephen Sondheim musical I'm in -- I don't know which, except that it's not Sweeney Todd.  The car isn't mine.  Mine is still undergoing surgery by a mechanic who was sent to the area by the dealership, which is in another city.  He did his best to fix it but had to call it quits for the day when his ride showed up.  Now it's raining and I'm in this other car.  I'm stopped at a traffic light.  The headlights from the vehicles all around me are twice as bright, reflecting off the wet surface.  I turn right.  Suddenly I have two riders, both men, both complaining with heavy-duty Australian accents about someone I like.  I choose not to enter their argument.  I drive by the house of a fellow cast member.  I turn around to offer to pick him up.  I make the U-turn successfully and go into the driveway.  It's a long horseshoe driveway on a hill.  I see real but quite small sheep.  These are of interest to the Australians.  (Dealing in stereotypes, Dream Center?)  I no longer care about them.  I park the car and get out.  The house has been used in a sitcom.  It's a beautiful older brick building with large picture windows on the front which would give a super view of the valley on a nice day, a balcony accessed through French doors, a rounded, tiled roof.  The entrance is along the side.  There is a tasteful sign on a tasteful pole announcing some business; because of my on-going dyslexia in my dreams, I can't tell what the business is.  I go in and the house is very similar to the sitcom set.  Everything is carpeted.  The two large staircases on either side of the great hall lead to a landing and several doors and open rooms.  Several of the people are cast members of Reba...Cheyenne and Kyra, Brock and Barbara Jean.  Reba is not there.  However, a friend from a former life, Jason, is there and he has the red hair.  I offer Jason a ride to the show.  He's happy for the offer and gets ready.  While he's gone, Cheyenne gives me huge boots to try on and asks me the name of the show.  I can't remember, except that I know it's not Sweeney Todd.  She also wants to know if I'm interested in her brother.  Kyra interrupts and tells her to shut up, then looks at me, expecting an answer.  Jason appears.  We are about ready to go when Brock announces that it's time for devotions.  I tell him that we don't have the time, but he insists.  I climb the stairs closest to the door and sit on a carpeted bench at the top, against the outside wall on the landing.  I wonder whether we'll be late.  I know that we're supposed to run through something before the house opens.  Jason appears, looking a little embarrassed.  I tell him it's all right.  The family gathers as we leave and are very nice saying goodbye to us.  It's still raining.  We walk to the car.  The trunk opens and Jason puts something in it.  We climb into the car and start downhill on the other part of the horseshoe driveway.  I see another pair of miniature sheep.  I notice the men are not in the car.

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