Monday, April 15, 2013

I Want It All...

...and I want it now!

The other day, Joe My God asked us to fantasize about what we'd do if we won the lottery.  I was heartened by how altruistic many of my fellow gay people are.  I'm somewhat more selfish.

Since it's a fantasy, I will have won both the Mega Millions and the Power Ball in the same week, both when they're just about at record levels.  I'll take the cash.

1.  Whether I follow through on 2 or 3 below, I'll buy a large ranch house on a huge property, preferably one already built.  It will have a couple of additional for Jack for his library/work space, one for me to have a music studio, one a small house for the groundskeeper and/or housekeeper.  The spread will be an animal safety zone.  We'll have a large porch on which we will make friends with the wildlife.

2.  With what's left, I will start a movie production/distribution company.  We will produce gay-themed movies, both original stories and adaptations of books I've been reading.  While not despotic, I will have at least a corps of full-time techies and actors.

3.  On a vacant lot on 3rd and Verbeke streets in Harrisburg will rise 3SPAC, the 3rd Street Performing Arts Center.  It consists of five, possibly six, auditoriums.  One is a not-quite 300 seat proscenium theater, one is a black box theater seating 150, and one is an acoustic recital concert hall seating no more than 125.  All of these are under one roof and connected to a 500 space parking garage that is always open.  The two or three other auditoriums are in an existing building and are movie theaters:  one is a large screen theater; the other, regular theater(s) which show(s) classic or special interest movies not in competition with the indie theater down the street.  The large screen theater is not an IMAX.  Rather, it is equipped with a screen large enough to show Cinerama, CinemaScope, Todd-A-O and other large format films the way they were intended to be seen.

I've also thought about building the first LGBT retirement complex in our region.  Rainbow Ridge.  Yes, I know that has some bad history to it, but it's also a really cool name.  And I can't imagine having to retire in some place where we can bullied for the rest of our lives.

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