Monday, January 21, 2013


"The 'Oh, Pshaw!" Follies" is the title of my first novel -- the first of two never-published novels.  It refers to The Oh, Pshaw! Playhouse, my fake name for The By Hex Playhouse, the summer theater I worked at in my year between graduating from high school and starting college several...lifetimes ago.

The By Hex Playhouse specialized in Amish musicals.  Oh, yes.  Fully-staged, utterly silly, and ultimately played in rep.  "Let's Go Dutch" and "Waiting by the Little Blue Gate" are two titles that come gallumphing back to mind.  We also did two epic dramas.  One was "Men of One Master," the saga of the Amish, and "The Bachelor President," the saga of James Buchanan.  Please note that never once was it suggested Buck was gay.  Of course, it was 1964.

(Should this sound familiar to anyone, please let me know...Tom, Tina, Gaye, Brad, Cheryl, Chet, Jean, Mark...anyone?)

True to stereotype, I fell in love with the leading man.  While I'd had sex with two other guys before that (it was rural Lancaster County in the early '60s, for crying out loud -- thought of that way, it's kind of progressive), Tom brought me out and that was that.  50 years later, I still think of it fondly.

The book is a fictional account of that summer.  I've given up on having it published, but I still find it remarkable to have written two novels.  The other, "Matt and Seth," is a fictional look at a fatal car accident that happened many years ago...what led up to the accident.

I have no idea where this will go.  Maybe a dream diary.  Maybe a political rant piece.  Maybe a walk down therapy lane.  Haven't a clue.

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